Haynie-Sirrine Neighborhood - Greenville SC

David Walters - Senior Urban Designer, The Lawrence Group

As the lead urban designer on the charrette team led by The Lawrence Group, I was able to focus this redevelopment of a poor African-American neighborhood close to downtown Greenville on a strategy that balanced the repair of existing affordable housing and the development of new “workforce housing” that allowed residents to remain in the neighborhood with the creation of new mixed-use, market rate development along the northern edge of the site. This upscale development capitalizes on excellent views to downtown and its adjacency to a picturesque river gorge and linear park, and profits from this development can be ploughed back into the neighborhood to upgrade existing housing.

The illustration above shows the regulating plan from which new form-based zoning was created, while the clickable ones below expand to illustrate the main zoning categories for the development.

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